Size: Each arch is 11 x 7.5m, please contact us for a floorplan


Toilet facilities: There is a toilet block with two bathrooms outside, and one fully wheelchair accessible toilet within Arch 4.


Power: The Studios has 16 electricity sockets. 


Lights: 6 strip lights and optional festoon lighting.


Chairs and tables: There are 115 folding wooden chairs and 17 tables (which seat 6-8 people depending on your set-up). Tables measure 75 x 182 x 76cm high.


Parking: There is space on site for up to three vehicles. There is free parking on Wagner Street. Toys R Us car park close by has all day parking approximately £5 per day.


Kitchen: AMP Studios has no kitchen. However there is a back courtyard with doors to both arches, with access to water and electrics.


Disabled access: AMP Studios is a step-free venue and fully wheelchair accessible.


Heating: There are wall mounted heaters in each arch. You are welcome to hire-in patio heaters to go outside beneath the pavilion, as long as they are no taller than 2.6m high.