Before booking


  1. Do I have to book to come to the open viewing?
  2. No , just turn up at the time specified on our website.


  1. How do I find out what dates are free?
  2. You can view our online calendar on the How to Book page of our website, or email us at to check availability.


  1. Who do I contact regarding a registrar for the day?
  2. Please contact Southwark Registrar if you need to be legally married – this is a separate cost from the hire of Asylum and we would not organise on your behalf.


  1. How do I book?
  2. You should only book once you have a confirmation email from us that the date you want is free. Then use our online booking form, this is found on the how to book page. Items like the number of chairs can be altered nearer the date.


  1. How do the morning and afternoon slots work for ceremonies?
  2. The chairs, candles and lights will be set up for you for both slots. You are welcome to add flowers/extra lights etc but bear in mind these have to be put up/taken down in an hour. The hour between slots will be spent cleaning and resetting by Asylum staff. In the past couples have shared flowers for ceremonies on the same day which has worked really well.


After booking


  1. Can I have access the night before/day after?
  2. Access the night before and day after can be booked in at an extra cost depending on availability.


  1. Do you have a kitchen for caterers?
  2. No, but we have a list of great catering companies (as well as a host of other Recommended Suppliers) who have successfully catered wedding ceremonies with us. Please note food and drink trucks are not allowed.


  1. Where can guests park?
  2. We reserve one parking space at the back of the chapel doors for the wedding cars only. No other parking is allowed on Caroline Gardens Estate (apart from loading and unloading). There is free parking along Asylum Road.


  1. How many toilets are there?
  2. Two


  1. Disabled Access
  2. The chapel is wheelchair accessible however, it does not have an accessible toilet on site. We can make arrangements for an accessible toilet close by, as long as we are notified in advance *one week prior to the event.


  1. Do you have any tables at Asylum?
  2. There are five tables at the chapel, we do not provide linen. If you need more you can hire these in form an outside company such as Yahire. NB please makes sure these are getting dropped off/collected on the booked day of your wedding unless you have pre arranged access on other days.


  1. Can I use the lawn to set up games/ serve drinks etc.
  2. No, the hire is for Asylum only (including the portico). Photos can take place on the lawn but no chairs or tables etc.


  1. How long is the aisle?
  2. The measurement from the back door to the altar is 14 meters.


  1. Who is the wedding coordinator? And when do we meet?
  2. If you have booked this service we will send you a form via email that will ask for all the details of your day and introduce you to your coordinator. Feel free to add in more info if you think it is important (the more info the better). Once completed send this back to your coordinator and they will arranged to meet with you.  It is best to arrange to meet once you have as many of the details your day confirmed!


  1. Is confetti allowed?
  2. Yes, but it must be real, biodegradable flower petals. *We suggest real petal confetti from our recommended supplier Lily Lupin!


  1. Are balloons allows?
  2. We do not allow balloons to be used in the chapel as they tend to come loose and cause disruption for other ceremonies when they deflate again.


  1. Can I play music? 
  2. Yes music is allowed, we do not have a PA system at the chapel but an iPhone dock or bluetooth speakers work well. Live music is also allowed provided it is not amplified or excessively loud (i.e. bagpipes!), our staff will monitor noise levels. Please note music is not allowed to be played in the entrance area or on the portico.


  1. Is Asylum wheelchair accessible?
  2. Asylum has steps up to both entrances. We have movable wheelchair ramps which can be used to enter through the back doors. The toilet is not fully accessible for disabled users unfortunately.






Useful Information