• Exhibition from 21st - 24th of September 2017 at
  • Safehouse 1

An exhibition of art inspired by the human body.
We each experience the world from and through a body, and a large part of that experience is of other bodies and our interactions with them. Throughout art history the human body has been a vessel for any and every kind of artistic concept: ideal beauty, mortality, morality, pain, love, politics.
This exhibition encompasses a number of different approaches to this rich subject matter. Artists working in the academic tradition, grounded in nineteenth-century atelier training, will show highly naturalistic, anatomically accurate studies of life models, alongside more abstracted and distorted representational work, performance art, video and conceptual works which explore bodies without representing them.
Bring your body along!
PV / September 21 / 6 – 9.30pm
Open / September 22 / 10am – 8pm
September 23 / 10am – 6pm
September 24 / 10am – 6pm
Performance Evening / September 23 / 6 – 9.30pm