Part of Dulwich Festival Artists’ Open House 2018, DREAMING AWAKE probes the liminal state between reality and dreams.

In Dreaming Awake eight artists probe the liminal state between reality and dreams where the imagination is held as if suspended.  Visual connections are made through painting, collage, installation, film, ritual, photography, sculpture and drawing.

The derelict house consumes the artwork repurposing objects and redefining gestures. The architectural atmosphere and history offer a multi-sensory experience. Breathing life into the subliminal world of innate awareness the artists translate these lucid dreams and thoughts into visible ‘actions’ in response to the building.

‘It is tempting to think that the real world and the world of dreams are totally separate.’    (Dr Susan Blackmore, Lucid Dreaming: Awake in your sleep?)

The philosopher Descartes believed that dreams are a sequence of experiences often similar to those we commonly have in waking life. Hobbes questioned this using the principle of coherence, we can think more critically in waking life and we know when we are awake as the absurdity is no longer there. Harnessing the power of conscious thought Dreaming Awake merges dreams with real life to suggest different hidden states.


12 & 13 May / 11am – 6pm

Rituals at 12pm and 5pm daily