Enter the Garden Rosa. Exit your Comfort Zone.

  • Interactive performance on the 11th June at
  • Safehouse 1

Let go and become part of the Garden Rosa; An interactive performance/ room installation at Safehouse1 by Rosa Schurian.

It’s an interactive performance or room installation, where I create the concept, write the texts and sew the costumes.

8 characters.

8 costumes.

The audience/YOU will interact as voluntary performers. Experience yourself in a new and different context. Exit your comfort zone, transform in a different person. How do you act as the Hunter, what do you collect as the Gatherer? How is it meeting the Morning when you are the Night? What does the Mirror see in the mirror? Are you really young and sweet and seventeen as the Dancing Queen/King? What costume do You wear and what costume does Me wear? Come and find out. Let go and become part of the Garden Rosa.

Monday 11th June 6-9 pm

Performance starts 7pm