flowing through selves

Eight artists perform live works which consider the female body and the language of experience.

Through actions, vocalisations, movement and gesture eight artists find alternative ways to explore inner emotions and sensations. Responding to the idea that these experiences cannot easily be articulated inside a cis-hetero- patriarchal language structure.

Bean – www.beaninthearchive.com

Jade Blackstock – www.jadeblackstock.com

Selina Bonelli – https://selinabonelli.wordpress.com

Helen Davison – www.helendavison.com

Ro Hardaker – www.rohardaker.co.uk

Jessie McLaughlin – www.jessiemclaughlin.co.uk

Ashley-Louise McNaughton

Isobel Smith – www.isobelsmith.org


27 March / 6.30 – 9.30pm