"You Touched My Parlour" 2017 Jennifer Roberts

Reliquary. Charm. Mystery. Consequential. Sequential. Absence. Yearning. Bewildered loss. Aesthetic vocabulary. Fetish. Ornament.

This exhibition brings together artists (Mark Lungley, Rosalind Faram, Danka Nisevic, Marie Aimee Fattouche, Jennifer Roberts) who collect, process, affirm and eschew objects, in dialogues with body and architecture, creating performative and inconclusive narratives, which question permeability of interfaces amongst these defined worlds. Manipulation, abstraction, fragmentation, tension and vulnerable otherness, are opened as dialogues, embracing simultaneously construction and destruction, which occurs through interior and exterior connections of rigidly defined limitations, between familiarity and otherness, leading to an inversion of everything graspable…

Simultaneously revealing and concealing, enveloping and deceptive, palindromes of objects are suspended, anticipating, contemplating…Open to everything and anything, rejecting perspective, solidity, placement and singularity, works suppose a disquieting territory, creating a duality from which everything emerges and to which everything returns. Disregarding both: time and place, ambiguity explores possibility, with a volatile sense of consonance. Suggesting rituals and routines, through repetition, movement and abstraction, these equivocal objects engage with being and surrounding, through desire, representation, beauty, grotesque, disgust, longing, sensuality…

Transformation. Displacement. Familiarity is severed. Transition occurs and everything is put at risk. Fate. Lot. Destiny.


PV / 22 June 6 – 9pm

Open daily / 23 – 25 June 11 am – 7 pm