Opening hours:

PV / 4th July / 7pm-10pm

5th & 6th July / 11am – 10pm

7th July / 11am – 4pm

An exhibition featuring a body of 50 works (paintings, drawings, collages and prints) made between 2010 and 2017 in Milan, San Francisco and London. Bringing to life the research that has shaped the artist’s identity and current practices and most importantly generating new narratives engaging visitors in a playful experience.


Enigmatic characters inhabit four connected rough rooms whispering secret stories to each other.

You will be able to take part to this tale leaving a trace of your own passage if you wish to do so.

Interweaving bodies and traces of interactions I am interested in the viewers’ perspectives and interpretation of old and new works through a playful game. Visitors will be given a present from the artist and they will be free to use it as they want and to take it home with them.

They will also be surrounded by recorded and live music. Come along for the Launch Party on 4th July 7pm – 10pm if you want to meet inspiring people or join lovely musicians and dancers during the Jam Session in the garden on 5th July 8 – 10pm.

Everyone is welcome!


Serena Nassini is an Artist and Tutor with an extensive knowledge of techniques and materials. As a practising artist she has exhibited in London, Cambridge and Milan. She has a Masters in Arts (Artist-Teacher and Contemporary Practices) from Goldsmiths, University of London. Serena also studied Fine Arts at the San Francisco State University and Painting and Visual Arts at Naba in Milan.

With several years of experience as a tutor, she has built the ability to teach a wide range of skill levels, offering in- depth instructions when needed while also encouraging individual creativity. She specialises in art and learning, with a focus on drawing and painting. She is currently teaching fine art techniques to children and teenagers in a variety of settings. This includes but is not limited to private home tuition, public workshops, after school art workshops and community art projects.

She has become increasingly involved in Schools and Art Education and has worked as a visiting artist in 6 Schools in London, on projects with children, teenagers and adults. She is also a clarinettist and plays eastern europeanmusic by ear in two ensembles in London. She lives and works in London.