One Night Only

  • Exhibition from 14th - 15th June at
  • Asylum
Paul Wood

One Night Only is an experimental group exhibition that reflects the individual concerns and interests of the artists involved. Nine artists come together to “take a moment to pause” in their practice and reflect on the work that has been created.

With practices that consider conceptual questions concerning history, time and memory; to relationships, connections and attachments; to the idiosyncrasies of the self, body and space; to practical and aesthetic concerns in terms of the role of painting, mark-making, and creative production and presentation in the 21st Century.

Following individual lines of enquiries and reflection, the nine artists exhibit within the impressive derelict alms house in Peckham, known as the Asylum, with the aim of inviting an audience to experience and share this momentary “pause” of their work within this unique atmosphere, echoing its own rich history.

From installation, ceramic sculpture and object art, to film, photography and contemporary painting, the exhibition features playful and experimental work that often tests the boundaries of media and form.

The artists came together whilst studying on the City Lit Arts’ Creative Practice: Personal Project course, a prestigious one-year programme designed for practitioners wishing to develop and expand a personal area of interest and research with the aim of “building a body of art work, and to realise one’s creative thinking and practice within a group setting.” The exhibition represents the culmination of their studies, as well as the launch pad for further exploration and development as emerging contemporary practitioners.

Artists: Svetlana Atlavina. Lucy Bradshaw. Ruth Canning. Lol Johnson. Sandy Layton. Ana Mejia. Tim Stubbs Hughes. Kathy Taylor. Paul Wood.

PV /  Wednesday, 14th June 2017, 6.00pm – 9pm

Public Opening: Thursday, 15th June 2017, 1pm-4pm