1)  Sit down heavily or carelessly

2) To play unskilfully

Spruce, to primp, grooming, and tarting up.

Here are just some of the phrases that are optimistic within ‘Plonk’ – an exhibition of the dank, the dingy. From Duchamp’s urinal, to the collages of rubbish from Tim Noble and Sue Webster, the concept of waste and the uninviting is firmly engrained within contemporary culture. ‘Plonk’ is an exhibition that sits comfortably within this tradition – offering artists a ‘hard-featured’ and ‘misshapen’ hovel to display their work, whether they decide to beautify, or horrify within its context. Artists of all career levels are invited to shed the ‘white cube’ and pomposity of the modern gallery, and allow their works to be the twinkle in a hobos eye. In short, the phrase ‘you can’t polish a turd’ will be throughly put to the test.

Private View / 5th May 6 – 9pm

Open / 3rd – 5th May, 11am – 5pm

6th May, 11am – 2pm


Kelly Briggs

Ivan Chambers

Stephen Chambers

Denise De Cordova

Jake Francis

Kathy McCarthy

Becky Sloss

Lloyd Smith

Natalie Surridge

Sarah Taylor

Maggie Williams