• Exhibition at AMP Studios on 2nd and 3rd March at
  • AMP Studios

RAZZMATAZZ is a platform for artists coming from varied backgrounds and disciplines to perform live action relating to their own practice. It is a sequence of exhibitions/ happenings which take place in different locations twice a year, during October and March. Each sequel has its own subject matter, questions and manifestations, where through open call or invitation a collective of artists is created that reflect on the matter.

Razzmatazz Vol.5 engages the curatorial process as a performative approach, which will be constituted by the artists’ subject matters, concepts and initial proposals. For Razzmatazz Vol. 5 the approach aims for a different method of working in terms of the curatorial context; there will be a fluid conversation between curators and artists. As curators, we are looking for the artists’ urgencies. This will stimulate a collective conception of interests, cross-feeding issues, theoretical concerns and positions. Today’s power relations within art institutions have created hegemonic propagandas, like – a furrow – between art, artists and curators.

Razzmatazz Vol.5 is seeking to know the artists’ urges, to let us evoke a cultivated outgrowth. Simultaneously, we are challenging the hierarchy between artists and curators in terms of conventional working methods. The exhibition situates performers as curators, therefore, what we are asking from the artists is to provide us with a proposal for their performance based on their recent research.

The title of Razzmatazz Vol. 5, 2018 will be announced!

The idea and main issue targeted at Razzmatazz Vol.5 2018 will emerge through the in-depth analysis by Dagmar Glausnitzer Smith, Naz Balkaya and Emily Demetriou, based on the artists’ proposals. The outcome of this transparent essence will become the thematic discourse for the Roundtable Discussion on Friday the 2nd of March 2018, where all participating artist are kindly asked to join and take part, for an exchange of ideas on the concluding outcome.

A separate invitation for the Roundtable Active participation will be sent out to invited artists and previous Razzmatazz artists. For the discussion everyone is encouraged to bring physical or electronic material/work for presentation, contributing to the talks and arising debate. The Roundtable Discussion will bring together organizers, artists, participants and will be open to the public. Thus it may be a practical manifestation of fluidity between curators and artists, conjoined by the witnesship of the potential viewer of the event. Saturday 4th is the exhibitıon day of the performance art series and Sunday 5th is planned for a brunch/picnic and feed-back discussions.

Public Discussion Roundtable Talk / March 2nd 16:00 – 21:00

Performances will be actualised / March 3rd 14:00 – 21:00


Participating Artists:

Hannah O’Flynn 》ESP

Nicolina Stylianou 》CY

Chao Liu 》CHN

Liz Ord 》UK

Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis 》FRA & GR

Charlotte Lilly Tomlinson 》UK

Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn 》THA

Laragh Conroy 》IRL

Marion Jungeblut 》DE

Dani Smith 》UK

Wiency Wong & Monique Yim 》HK

Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith 》DE

Panicattack Duo (Naz Balkaya & Emilia Demetriou) 》TUR & CY in collaboration with Motoko Honda 》USA / JPN