Ruins of Time / Asylum

  • Exhibition from 28th - 31st March at
  • Asylum

 ‘Ruins of Time / Asylum’ is the latest in the London-Munich Exchange series of projects exploring the passage of time and its specific expression in the architecture of the site. 


28 – 31 March 2017; PV: 28 March 6 – 9 pm 

‘Asylum day’ Public Seminar: 30 March 3.30-7.30 pm


Artists from Britain and Germany continue their joint project ‘Ruins of Time’, exhibiting both in London and Munich over the next few years. Developed by London-Munich Exchange [LME], directed by Eleonora Bourmistrov and Milena Michalski, ‘Ruins of Time’ introduces its next exhibition, this time at Asylum Chapel, Caroline Gardens, London, in March 2017; the first exhibition was at the Crypt Gallery, St. Pancras, London in November 2015 and was funded by City of Munich Department of Arts and Culture. 


LME is an international group of artists based in Britain and Germany, working in a variety of media, ranging from sculpture, painting and installation to photography, time-based media and performance.

Engaged in a collaborative process, the LME artists will respond to Asylum through their works and performances, taking into consideration the specific, historical, architectural and other aspects of this site, and its connection to the present, focusing on ideas revolving around time passing, decay and ruin, expressed in space and place. Other ideas treated include mental illness and its institutional sheltering, political and social protection and its failure, different forms of refuge, disorientation, dissociation and dislocation. In addition to this, the notion of Asylum as a ‘heterotopic space’ is reflected through the exhibition’s framing within Foucault’s philosophical concept of ‘heterotopia’ as non-hegemonic spaces of otherness.

The Asylum exhibition offers the public multifocal and multicultural views of many of the overarching concepts of the ‘Ruins of Time’ project, from both British and German perspectives, with the dialogue continuing in subsequent LME group exhibitions in Germany and Great Britain.

Curators: Eleonora Bourmistrov & Milena Michalski




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