Second DRAFT

  • Exhibition from 15th - 17th September 2017 at
  • Safehouse 2

A socially engaging and participatory event created by artists exploring the theme of communal spaces, leisure time and Peckham heritage. Part of the Peckham Festival Fringe Art Event

In a Cross pollination of pastoral leisure pursuits and contemporary art practices, Gebilde Collective will create a socially engaging space which looks into the past and future histories of Peckham. Using VR technologies combined with traditional art practices, Artificial, Historical and Cultural landscapes blend.

Event includes Artist Performance, Sound Art and Painterly Installations.

PV / 15 September / 6 – 9pm (Including Artists Performances)

15 & 16 September / 12 – 9pm

17 September / 12 – 7pm
VR Installation Tickets