South London based artists Zanis Miverniks and Emma Read debut show ‘SMPLE’.

Presenting their interpretation of Cultural inconvenience, packed with canvases, sculptures, prints, photography and video pieces. 1-2

19 August /  5.30 – 8.00pm

20 -22 August / 12.00pm – 6.00pm

Zanis Miverniks

Born and raised in the late 90’s, within a segregated and alienated Latvia, Kolka. Has been the question of culture within Zanis’s practice. In which the use of print, paint, sculpture and video photography is manifested as a neo expression of cultural aspects such as music, politics, and art itself.

The idea of the written and visually represented can be seen throughout Zanis’s prints in which he focuses upon self-interpreted music, generated from the past and the present. Such musicians as Led Zeppelin, Father John Misty, Allah-Las and White Stripes to name a few are mentioned within typographical prints. Opposing the placement of personal family photographs creating the tension of intended purpose and interpretation of an art from. Focusing almost as if the works are biographical, creating a certain tension between the artist, the work and the audience.

“My focus upon music is simple, it’s my expression and relation between others. Questioning what Zeppelin is representing to me and my life within Stairway to Heaven.”

Emma Read

As an understanding of her generation, Read’s message focusses on the simplification and complication in the explanation of convince culture. As a continuation of understanding its emergence focusing on how it’s evolved to become a language of its own. Her work points the finger at the use of this simplified language when presenting a complicated message. She utilities material, easy to manipulate, symbolic of a population how we can be deceived by a black and white explanation. Repetition reinforces the reference to convince culture. Reoccurring forms are found throughout her work, overlaying them to remove the clarity that they once held. Hence showing the ironic and comical nature of a resultant ‘anti convince’. Revealing this message through a dramatic scale were the predominate use of sculpture caters to our need for an entertaining vessel.