An exhibition of Surrealism and Dreamscapes

SPACE-HONEY reveals how dreams can manifest in both familiar and uncanny forms. This multi-sensory display of emerging artists explores the Freudian dreamscapes of our unconscious. Here, memory and desire collide to override the real, altering the nooks and crevices of Peckham’s Safehouse 1 from ‘home’ to surrealist wonderland.

In using the metaphor of honey in a hive, Gaston Bachelard depicts the relationship between waking and dreaming in his book,‘The Poetics of Space’. Once under the scope of the imagination, physical space becomes a honey-like substance; oozing and leaking out of its container. This power to go ‘beyond reality’ was showcased in the 1920’s Surrealist movement with an array of disembodied figures and unnerving landscapes; merging the inner psyche and the outer world.

By starting from the first dwelling point: the home, dreams can be mapped across architectural boundaries; from beyond the four walls to the very skin we live in. Through approaching Surrealist views a century later, ‘SPACE-HONEY’ exposes the psychological tensions of present-day; combining poetry, performance and art to depict how our innermost desires and dreams can transform our surroundings.

Open /  28th – 31st March

Private View / 28th March 6-8pm