Steak and Beans

Group Exhibition BA Hons Fine Art

Open / Tuesday – Tuesday 23rd May – 26th May / 10 am – 4 pm

Private View / 25th May, 6pm- 9pm

Free Entry

All resistance is a rupture with what is. And every rupture begins, for those engaged in it, through a rupture with oneself. Alain Badiou

The exhibition explores multiple perceptions of reality, one consistently in flux, through media and other spaces which often impacts upon our actual realities with a symbiotic or parasitic association. In turn, this blurs the borders between the two – combining matter and space to create the act of ‘being.’

As humans, we are constantly balancing truth and knowledge, developing streams of consciousness that shift and challenge how we perceive the reality. The artists in the show use a range of subjects that manifests through body, identity, materiality, often using absurd and altered realities. Works will include a multi-disciplinary approach, using drawing, painting, film, installation, sculpture, performance, photography, digital media and print making.

Steak and Beans transforms an uninhabitable home through the creation of new narratives, breathing life into an abandoned environment. Steak and Beans has its roots in metaphysics, which explores being, knowing, identity, time, and space. Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, wrote that all things flow and are always in transition, ‘there is nothing permanent except change.’ Steak and Beans is indicative of numerous liminal situations that re-orientate logic en route to new meanings or dialogues.

With the rise of virtual and alternative spaces, fluctuating, competing versions of one reality occur simultaneously. The artistic visions in this show immerse or collide and others split the real from the unreal. In doing so, they question the ever-changing entity of our own truth, alongside everything that slips, slides or hangs precariously in between.

For further enquiries, please contact:

Rups Cregeen