The Ugly Truth

Tuesday 25th April 2017


The Ugly Truth is a project to bring awareness to the subjects submerged in the unspoken mind, the topics that no one dares to talk of, the frowned upon thoughts poisoning our perceptions. From affairs to mental fragility, each room withholds a different scene behind the smiling exterior. The rooms represent songs from Cathect’s upcoming debut album as a build up to their release.

Cathect are a two-piece project based in London who make brooding, distinctly English music with more than a nod to labels like Factory 4AD. They combine isolation with something reassuringly upbeat and strangely pop. Liv is a classic wordsmith, uncompromising but accessible, a girl who has grown up inside pop music but who is resolutely individual. Aleks is the perfect foil for Liv’s distinctive vowels providing a lush electronica reminiscent of Massive Attack and the dreamscapes of Portishead and early 90’s trip hop. The album is filled with spacious, reverb-heavy pop reflecting works of The XX and Portishead. Understated electronica blends into sublime vocal melodies, matching dual melancholic piano lines and subtly building percussion.

Search for the headphones in each room, listen to the tunes and observe your surroundings…