What the Thunder Said

  • Exhibition from 1st - 4th May at
  • Asylum

BASK are hosting an immersive sculpture exhibition at the Asylum for three days at the beginning of May. The exhibition aims to raise awareness of overfishing of the seas. The show will transport you to a dystopian future where the oceans have dried up and all that remains are relics of human interaction.


1st-4th of May 2017


‘What the Thunder Said’ is a new exhibition featuring artist collective BASK and curated by India Dickinson. BASK is made up of three sculptors from London, Angus Ogilvie, Dominic McHenry and Jim Shepherd. This exhibition brings together over twenty works made from reclaimed oak, wax and black pigment. The sculptures fill this unusual space and appear as a confrontational army. The concept was previously conceived on an artist residency at The Defenceless Container in the Isle of Wight. The sculptures are reminiscent of the abandoned ships in the Aral sea and are intended to act as a warning for us to take better care of our oceans before it is too late. This promises to be an unforgettable exhibition in an extraordinary space.


RSVP to India Dickinson at dickinson.india@gmail.com