Size: The main space is approximately 14m x 11m. See the chapel floorpan for detailed dimensions.


Toilet facilities: The chapel has two toilets on site.


Power: The chapel has 10 electricity sockets and a single phase 32 amp plug.


Lights: 3 strip lights and festoon lighting.


Chairs and tables: The chapel has 120 chairs available and six tables (68.5cm x 182cm x 70cm high).


Parking: No parking on the estate, there is free parking on Asylum Road.


Kitchen: The chapel has no kitchen.


Sound restrictions apply: We do not have a licence for live bands so only background music is allowed.


Disabled access: Asylum has steps up to both entrances. We have movable wheelchair ramps which can be used to enter through the back doors. Unfortunately Asylum does not have accessible toilets. Please contact us for more details or to arrange access assistance:

Useful Information