You will meet in person with the coordinator at least two weeks before your wedding date, to discuss the schedule of the day, follow up any queries and to finalise the finer points. All our coordinators are very experienced in running events at Asylum so have plenty of helpful tips when it comes to planning timings and how your day might run.


On the day, the coordinator can oversee many different aspects of your wedding. The following are examples of different things that they can help you manage on the day:


  • Managing and storage of delivered items on the morning of the wedding, such as tables/ice/glasses etc.
    Setting up and preparing drinks and alcohol in a pre-arranged place.
  • Arranging decorations in a pre-planned way, such as flowers/lights. (They cannot single handedly decorate the venue if you are having a lot in the way of decorations but will advise if they need assistance).
  • Greeting and assisting caterers in their set up and serving of food.
  • Greeting and assisting musicians on their arrival.
  • Liaising with the registrar and bridal party pre ceremony.
  • Your coordinator can arrange extra staff to serve drinks, canapés and show people to their seats
  • Overseeing the serving of drinks and canapés.
  • Help caterers to clear up glasses/plates etc at the end of the booking and clearing the chapel to the required standard.
  • Making sure items are ready for collection the next day (next day access must be pre-arranged).


Please note that if you choose a non-coordinated wedding you will not have any staff to help you. 


For every booking there will be a Venue Manager on site to open up and close and one event staff member. These staff are on site to ensure that our terms and conditions are adhered to (parking, catering equipment being left on paths etc.) and to assist guests incase of an emergency. They will not be available to help clear tables, serve drinks, clear up etc.

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